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Lil Texas Releases Fall Hardcore 2019 Mix

What better way to get Fall started than with some Hardcore? Lil Texas has got our backs on this one. The Dallas-born and bred producer has been releasing seasonal mixes for the past couple years and his very latest was released just last week.

With a resting tempo of around 200 BPM, Lil Texas dominates the Hardcore scene, and he’s amassed a huge following with appearances at Basscon: Wasteland and EDC Las Vegas and supporting artists on tour like Gammer, Junkie Kid, and more. His music has come to be known as “Texcore,” making him a pioneer within the Hardcore sub-genre.

Lil Texas’ Fall 2019 mix is a heater, featuring multiple tracks by Angerfist, Thyron, Nosferatu, and more. Don’t miss your chance to see him live at this year’s Goldrush, taking place September 27th and 28th. Click here to purchase tickets.

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