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MEMBA Releases Emotion Filled ‘SAGA-II’ EP and Visual Experience

The insanely creative Brooklyn based duo, MEMBA, has pushed boundaries with the release of their newest EP and visual experience. SAGA-II is a seven-track EP which follows the first installment of three-part series, SAGA-I. Each EP carries their own unique story and sound; Ishaan and Will of MEMBA described the first to be “aggressive and loud”, whereas SAGA-II conveys a new universe where “people accept life and death as they are, using it to live better now.” This electrifying release has been beautifully paired with a short audio/visual film that takes its audience on a journey through each track and brings their respective emotions to life. Released via Odesza’s Foreign Family Collective, the SAGA-II EP visual experience was directed by creative director Sean Kusanagi and filmed in locations all over the world such as New York, Seattle, and India by the label’s cinematographer Jasper Newton. The film features Evan Giia and Ricky James who provide vocals on the EP and the MEMBA boys make an appearance as well. The duo wanted their work to be not only heard but seen, so sit back and fully immerse yourself into MEMBA’s world of SAGA-II below.

MEMBA – Saga-II (Official Film)

The tone of this project begins with “1 More Mile” and its rhythmic spiritual tone. Things speed up a bit through MEMBA’s unique trap sound we know and love with “Walls Down” featuring Evan Giia’s powerful vocals. Blending effortlessly into the next track “Boundless” the listener is taken on a freeing journey that the duo describes as feeling like flying through the sky. Next is “Schools Out” which encapsulates youthful innocence and Ishaan’s experience growing up in India. “Smara” follows the upbeat track and touches on the importance of our personal memories; this track features Will’s vocals. The touching track blends into “Alright With Me” featuring Ricky James’ uplifting lyrics that fit the vibe of the project very well. Closing out SAGA-II is the standout, “Inevitable”, which encompasses the theme of accepting life and death as a gift and using that as motivation to live life to the fullest. MEMBA has left us in awe with their beautiful emotional journey of SAGA-II, out now on all platforms.

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