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Relentless Beat of the Week: Chet Porter – ‘The Longest Day Ever’

He’s often a man  of few words, but what we need to know about Chet Porter lies within in the melodies and bars of his moving music. Not to be confused with Chet Faker, and not to think this is a side project of Porter Robinson (although the vibes match), Chet Porter is a one of a kind act that is a future bass force to be reckon with.

His latest, and first track in YEARS, is an emotive and rather booming track with vibes that are truly unmatched. It’s tracks like these that landed Chet a spot on the same stage as Odesza, Alison Wonderland San Holo as he accompanies them on their various excursions. “The Longest Day” is so highly regarded, we couldn’t help but crown it our royal Relentless Beak of the Week. Check it out below.

“The Longest Day Ever” feels like a good launching point for the new music. I made it in a day just randomly in my bedroom when I was supposed to be finishing other music, and I knew right away it was gonna be the first song I put out. The whole thing is actually just a demo, really. The vocals are the rough idea I recorded into my phone, I hadn’t even written anything down yet. I tried re-tracking them for real but they just didn’t have the same vibe. The song is about not caring about anything, so sonically it’s actually kind of suiting. It’s not a “fun care-free” type of not caring, though. it’s more melancholy,” Chet Porter says.

Chet Porter’s unique sound is bound to leave the crowd in a surreal bliss, and you do not want to miss out. Grab tickets for Goldrush Music Festival here and get ready to listen to “The Longest Day” live.

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