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Vince Staples Releases Visual Autobiography

Vince Staples has proven to be an artist of great integrity throughout his releases, bringing to reality what his background is through his lyrics, and now a TV show. Staples has rapped about his life in Long Beach, his clique mentality/lifestyle as a past gang member, and has at long last been able to bring it to our visual attention with his new tv show, The Vince Staples Show. The first episode proved to be a short clip but nonetheless filled with a good look inside of what his life is like today; though rising to fame and being able to make a name for himself, Staples stays true to where he came from and still participates in the local realities of Long Beach, California.

Vince Staples – Episode 01: So What?

The episode starts out with him receiving a call about performing for a very well known person at a personal party, but he faces one obstacle.. he needs a haircut but barbershops are culturally closed on Monday’s in his area. While finding an open barbershop in another part of California, Staples doesn’t realize he is surrounded by an opposing gang until he is relaxed in his barber chair and sees everyone wearing conflicting colors against his blue-accented outfit. The episode ends in a brawl where Vince previews a new song, “So What?”

Staples’ show confirms his reality but also (high hopes) of consistency with song releases per episode release. You can watch episode one on the preview above, and sign up for updates about new episodes with the link below! Stream “So What?” on any music platform as well.

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