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Watch it Wednesday: Ookay – ‘Better Off’

Since his explosive popularity since his single “Thief” and his freshman and sophomore releases on Ultra Records charting in the top 10 on Beatport, Ookay has only been rising in talent while still working hard. He stays true to his hard-trap origins in his sets, but Ookay has boldly expanded from this as well, now incorporating live instruments and vocals into his sets and shifting his tracks from EDM to electronic pop. One of his tracks, “Better Off,” is a catchy cool example of Ookay’s seamless weaving of genres. The accompanying music video for this week’s Watch it Wednesday is a retro dream version of the song; watch it below.

Through a myriad of retro scenes like a school amphitheater and an open abandoned warehouse, Ookay sings into his old-fashioned microphone about being better off alone. Each location he dances around is reminiscent of an 80s flick, giving Ookay and his track a better grip on pop culture. The goofy energy of Ookay’s video and the bouncy, light beat of the song are a fun combination for a light-hearted experience of an empowering song. If you feel like you’ll be better off if you see Ookay, make sure you see him when he gets us pumped up for 30 days ’til Dusk and plays at Rialto Theatre on October 10th. Get your tickets here.

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