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Bassjackers and Dr Phunk Get ‘Primal’ with New Collab

Bassjackers have been blasting their signature sound all around the world for more than a decade now, and they show no signs of slowing down. Take, for instance, their latest single “Primal.” On this collaborative track, Bassjackers and Dr Phunk take a trip down memory lane with an arsenal full of retro sounds. Remarkably, however, this track doesn’t sound old or outdated; on the contrary, it simply sounds timeless.

As a groovy bassline greets us at the beginning of the track, a retro rave synth quickly pierces and fills the air above it. Then, in mere moments, a riser tells us that the drop will be upon us shortly. Add a quick snare roll and some additional synths, and the rest is history – we’re smack-dab in the middle of a banger.

The bass booms, the kick hits hard, and the synths send energy straight into our souls. Whether you bob your head, jump up and down, or simply groove to the rhythm, this song is sure to get you moving. This, of course, is just a taste of the track. Be sure to listen all the way through, as the second drop goes even harder than the first!

From start to finish, “Primal” is a fantastic tune and it’s sure to be a banger for many years to come. Want to get “Primal” with Bassjackers? You’re in luck! They’re coming to HiFi Scottsdale on Sunday, November 10! Grab your tickets today!

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