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Watch It Wednesday: Bassjackers – ‘Snatch’

DJ, Marlon Flohr, and producer, Ralph van Hilst, who together form Bassjackers, are perfectly in sync as a duo. Their opposing personalities – Marlon being the wild one rocking the stage, and Ralph, the more cool, calm, and collected one, preferring to shine behind the scene in the producer seat, are an ideal combination for this unique one-DJ-one-producer partnership.

The duo exploded onto the scene and in 2011 their dancefloor bomb “Mush Mush” was picked up by Tiësto and released on his label Musical Freedom. The track dominated the Beatport Top 10 charts for over two months and was one of the biggest festival tracks of the year.

Since then, the sting of festival bangers has only increased with time. Most recent months have seen the duo create the bangers of all bangers called, “Snatch.” The energy is unmatched and the song is truly an ode to the core of what Bassjackers stands for, Main Stage House Beats that move massive crowds. Perhaps that’s why the chose to have the music video be a video mash-up of all their epic moments on stage and tour. Check it out below as today’s Watch It Wednesday.

                     Bassjackers – Snatch (Official Music Video)  

Are you ready to get jacked by the bass?! Well, you are in luck since they’re coming to Phoenix on Sunday, November 10! “Snatch” your tickets today!

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