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Ganja White Night Deliver ‘The One’

The Brussels-based duo, Ganja White Night, consisting of Erwan Charlie Dodson and Benjamin Bamby, deliver a bass-heavy album that will not disappoint. Creators of “bass wobbling” dubstep inspired music with hints of drum n bass and hip-hop beats. Ganja White Night has been busy on their “The One Tour” but that hasn’t stopped them from releasing collabs such as “Jungle Juice” with Liquid Stranger earlier this year, as well as “Headband” with Subtronics. The single “The One” is only one of the tracks from their The One album that was released on October 22nd of this year. This album is perfect for you if you want uninhibited creativity mixed with unmatched sound design.

This is Ganja White Night’s 8th studio album since their beginning in 2010, but only in the last couple of years has their popularity skyrocketed. They lured their audience in with otherworldly intros and deep grimey dubstep that gets your heart pumping. This album is no different and it will have you headbanging with your friends all night long. Interested in seeing more of Ganja White Night? You can catch them live on Wednesday, December 18 at The Van Buren in Phoenix! Tickets available here!

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