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How EDCO 2019 is Bigger, Badder, and Better than Ever!

Have you heard the news? Insomniac’s Florida rendition of the Electric Daisy Carnival, one of the most famous and prominent EDM music festivals in the country, is back and better than ever for another year under the Orlando sun. With a ton of upgrades and changes to this year’s experience, the event is sure to be the most exciting EDC Orlando to date, and certainly worth venturing out to experience the east coast’s own Electric Sky.


So what’s new? First and foremost, one of the most notable changes to this year’s music-filled weekend in November, is the expansion of the festival to 3 full days instead of the typical 2 in past years! This means more artists, another full day of memorable experiences, and more fun! For those always wishing they had more time to experience every part of the festival, now you have a whole extra day to spread out activities, see all of your favorite sets, and spend extra time with those you love and care about! Insomniac certainly treated fans this year, keeping the prices similar to previous years while still adding in an entire extra day and a ton of new perks! Excited yet?

Following this, the same MainStage (Kinetic Field) seen at EDC Las Vegas back in May will be making it’s way to Florida to be experienced in all of its beauty and wonder across the country. With an insanely artistic design, the iconic two-faced stage will  be making its comeback next month. You don’t want to pass up on this Kinetic Energy!

Being some of my personal favorites from EDC Las Vegas this year, I was beyond ecstatic to find out that three of the large-scale art installations seen in Nevada would also be making a Florida debut this year at EDC Orlando! The first being Anima, a giant wooden-looking art piece of a women’s face holding out and cupping her two hands in front of her. Covered in flowers that illuminate once the sun goes down, this beautiful work was loved by many and used as a beacon for photos.

Secondly, the circular, spinning installation with glowing lights called Paraluna will also be at the festival in Orlando. With wildly cool visuals and colors, this is the perfect installation to experience when you have some time to take a load off and sit on the grass below and watch its enticing performance.

Lastly, but certainly not least, we have the Pixel Forest, which is arguably my favorite. With an elaborate setup containing pixelated trees and a glowing sign, be prepared to enter the walkway for something truly amazing. Once inside, a full light show utilizing the dark walls and ceiling begins and leaves everyone breathless and awestruck. Words don’t do it justice, so you’ll definitely have to experience it for yourself. Watch the video below to get a glimpse of the wonder!

With the same magic that brought EDC Las Vegas’ MainStage to life, exciting new art installations, and another full day under the electric sky, this year’s EDC Orlando is sure to be life-changing. Taking place at Tinker Field from November 8th-1oth, you don’t want to miss out on the fun! Read more in-depth about the world of EDC, purchase tickets, and see the full lineup here! Will you be there?

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