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Sullivan King and Kompany ‘Show Some Teeth’

Two of the quickest-rising talents in all of EDM, Sullivan King and Kompany have been absolutely crushing it in recent years. While both of them are already accomplished via solo projects, the best is yet to come – especially when a collaboration is a part of the conversation. The titular track of King’s upcoming debut album, Show Some Teeth, features both talents taking their game to the next level.

With a spacious atmosphere setting the mood, Sullivan King kicks things off with an immediate hook, “Let’s show some teeth / give them one hell of a sight to see…” And the dynamic duo does exactly that. Just before we reach the one-minute mark, King lets loose with a scintillating scream, gorgeous guitar, and timeless rock drums. This, of course, is just the beginning. In mere moments, Kompany will create pandemonium.

As soon as the drop comes in, Kompany quickly announces his presence with a familiar sample that simply says, “Fight!” Milliseconds later, Kompany showcases his sound design skills—which are already very well documented—but his sounds aren’t carryover material from past works, such as his masterful Metropolis EP. No, instead, what Kompany brings to ‘Show Some Teeth’ is essentially the evolution of his sound. Familiar? Maybe. Next-level? Definitely. Bear in mind, this is just the first half of the track! Be sure to listen to the song in its entirety, as the second half is a beast of a completely different breed. In short, the talent, variety, and precision behind this track are simply relentless.

From start to finish, “Show Some Teeth” is an incredible indication of what to expect from both Kompany and Sullivan King in the years ahead. Speaking of which, the Show Some Teeth album drops on Friday, October 18. Better yet, our team at Relentless Beats has arranged not one, but two opportunities to experience this album in person! Sullivan King will be performing on Thursday, November 7 at The Green Room in Flagstaff as well as on Friday, November 8 at The Pressroom in Phoenix. Grab your tickets today!

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