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‘Free Your Body’ with Chris Lake & Solardo’s New Track

British house producer Chris Lake has teamed up with the British duo Solardo to release “Free Your Body.” Chris Lake has made top charts since the early 2000’s and is well known in the house community. Solardo is another house giant that is well known for their tribal infused bass house beats. These two powerhouses unsurprisingly created one of the best house anthems of the year. Released on Lake’s very own record label, Black Book Records, this is a tune you do not want to miss! This track has been teased in various sets in the months prior to it’s release getting fans excited about what was to come! Excited to hear about this highly anticipated track? You can check it out below.

“Free Your Body” features classic, groovy tech house beats with lyrics that leave you reflecting on your mental state, “Free your mind/Free your soul/Do you free your body?” Well, do you? You definitely will free your body on the dance floor when this single is played. Hopefully there are more collaborations from them in the future. Interested in hearing more from these tech house dynamos? You can check them out at the links provided below!

Connect with Chris Lake: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Connect with Solardo: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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