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Snails Brings Holographic Stage Across US, Next Stop: Phoenix

2019 has been the year of visual performances.  With household names like Deadmau5 and Eric Prydz being at the forefront of stage production and visual effects in a show, a new grimy player has come to the game with a significantly improved stage design. Frédérik Durand, better known as Canadian 808 destroyer himself, Snails is debuting the SHELL2.0  a holographic overhaul to his already illustrious stage production.  I’m particularly excited about this live setup, as these intense visual shows seem to be a staple of progressive house music. Snails has always had a strong theme of alien-like world-conquering slugs that peppers the visuals of his live sets.  Combining this with all new visuals, custom curated for the new LED wall that goes in front of the DJ booth; allowing floor-to-ceiling, eye-popping visuals that take an equal front seat to the aggressive drops he’s famous for.

The SHELL stage production was already an awesome LED experience, and it’s being taken to the next level with see-through LED boards that allow you to see behind it, but can still produce a near photo-quality video image on it.  Seeing this become more common in live shows certainly is exciting.  It’s a huge undertaking to get a stage production of this magnitude moved from venue to venue, so getting to see this on tour in Arizona is something that you can’t miss.  Catch the SHELL2.0 in phoenix on November 23rd at the VanBuren.

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