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Kai Wachi Drops Heavy Single ‘Paimon’

The vicious and diabolical, ear-splitting force that is Kai Wachi is back with another demonic track and he’s dragging the King of Hell out with him. His DEMIGOD tour is well underway and he’s summoning the meanest, most ferocious headbangers around to take on his productions, and of course, we’re ready for this man to take us to the dark side. His newest single “Paimon,” with Code:Pandorum, tears through your speakers in a purge-esque fashion. Eerie and unrelenting, it’s truly inexplicable the way this man can boldly transform sound into a bone-breaking phenomenon. And it makes sense that he would team up with Code:Pandorum on a track so satanic, as the producers both seem to come from the darkest corners of hell. The ability to turn any atmosphere into a room full of smoke and dark glittering lights is a supernatural feat that Kai Wachi has unveiled. Out now on Kannibalen Records, beware, and listen to “Paimon” below.

Born-Kekai Wachi this master of hybrid, colossal bass design has been around since 2012. Morphing his sound into what it is today took years of being underground before he crawled his way from under the Earth and gained a massive following and even bigger respect from names in the scene. This producer never messes around and doesn’t hesitate to dish out brutal, bruising tracks.

Get ready to be possessed by Kai Wachi and the King of Hell, “Paimon,” in just two months at AURA Nightclub on December 28th. Click here for tickets.

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