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We’re ‘Losing It’ Over This SVDDEN DEATH and Somnium Sound Edit

On July 13, 2018, Paul Nicholas Fisher—better known by his stage name, FISHER—released his biggest hit yet, “Losing It.” While it quickly became an anthem within the tech house community, it didn’t take long for this bonafide banger to transcend genres. In no time at all, EDM artists from virtually every avenue—such as techno, electro house, and even dubstep—began to incorporate “Losing It” into their sets, too. With DJs spinning it on their turntables and producers creating bootleg remixes, edits, etc., practically everyone found a way to play “Losing It.” This, of course, includes SVDDEN DEATH and Somnium Sound.

Two of the quickest-rising talents in all of EDM, SVDDEN DEATH and Somnium Sound have both had exemplary years in 2019. With countless shows, several festival appearances, and dozens of heavy-duty bangers between them, both artists are on the fast track to success; and in many minds, they’ve already achieved well beyond it. Accolades aside, these two titans aren’t done with 2019 just yet. But, if this is their final release of the year, then they are certainly going out with a bang!

In their collaborative edit of FISHER’s “Losing it,” SVDDEN DEATH and Somnium Sound display their signature styles as well as several fresh, inspired, and simply breathtaking advancements. In other words, you can expect to hear the sounds that you already know and love, but you’re also in for some next-level innovations. Simply put, if you already know their styles, then you’re sure to recognize many components within the first drop. The second drop, on the other hand, is an entirely different beast; additionally, it is unique, unparalleled, and ultimately unbelievable. We’ll let the edit do the rest of the talking; after all, it speaks volumes.

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