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Artist Spotlight: Shiverz

Shiverz, or sometimes known as dabutcher, is a DJ and producer from Croydon, UK, which many have dubbed the birthplace of dubstep. With increasing DJ bookings stemming from all over the UK and Europe, Shiverz has grown into one of the most promising acts in the international dubstep scene today.

With a hybrid sound of dubstep, riddim, trap, and reggaeton, Shiverz’ music can really only be described as “one of a kind.” He’s amassed quite a following over the past few years and is now headlining his own world tour, covering several U.S. cities as well as England and Canada.

Shiverz is also CEO of the dubstep label, Monsters music, which he co-founded with fellow producers Curzed and AD in 2016. The label is focused on expanding support to underground artists who deserve a platform for their music to be heard. With regularly released Monsters Mix episodes, the label showcases exclusive tracks of up and coming artists. Today, the Monsters Music team has expanded to include producers like Bukez Finest and Nightmare & Oni, to name a few.

Don’t miss Shiverz on his Shut Down and Shell Tour when he stops at Aura Nightclub in Tempe on January 18th. You can purchase tickets here.

Connect with Shiverz: Instagram | Twitter | SoundCloud

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