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Snails Shows Us His ‘World of Slime’

Last month Snails‘ World of Slime tour stopped in Arizona and those who went heard sneak peaks of his latest unreleased, heavy bass bangers. Now, with only a few months left of the tour, Snails has finally released the long-awaited World of Slime EP. The EP features three new tracks from the Canadian dubstep DJ and producer and includes collaborations with Kill the Noise, Subtronics, Wooli, Kompany, and Barely Alive.  If you’ve been needing some heavy music to kick start your morning workout, or just enjoy the sweet sound of grotesque, stomach-churning bass, then World of Slime will be the perfect solution for all your dubstep needs. 

The World of Slime kicks off with a new collaboration from Snails and dubstep duo, Barely Alive, titled “Grime Rate”. Snail’s juicy, merciless bass combined with Barely Alive’s diverse sound design and structure makes for a perfect headbanging anthem that’s most definitely going to be a hit during festival season. The next new song on the EP is “Tear it Up” with Carbin and Big Ali. “Tear it Up” is a hidden gem on The World of Slime and easily one of the most unique songs on the EP. Both drops have a slight hardstyle feel, but instead of fast, harsh bass hits, Snails, Carbin, and Big Ali use dubstep growls that fit perfectly with the song’s energy. One of Snail’s most popular tracks is “Snailephant” with our favorite extinct mammoth, Wooli. Luckily for us, Snails and Wooli have created “Snailephant VIP” and while it is the last song on the World of Slime, you’re not going to want to skip it. Similar to the original, “Snailephant VIP” features a bass that sounds like a mutated snail-elephant hybrid and played right after the creepy, cinematic intro, really hits hard. The vocals tell the story of the return of the snailephant and how this monstrosity is only getting more and more powerful. The song also gets more powerful with time and by the second drop, the ferocious, unrelenting energy reaches a new high. 

In addition to the three new releases, the World of Slime also features previous releases from Snails including “Front 2 Back” with Kill the Noise and Sullivan King, “System Overload” with Kompany and Virus Syndicate, “RKO” with Rico Act, “SNAILCLOPS” with Subtronics, and “Jackhammer” with Krimer. These collaborations combined with the new releases make for an epic EP that show a new side to Snail’s production abilities. 

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