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TYNAN and KRISCHVN Deliver ‘Shy La Boof’

TYNAN’s name has been coming up more and more in the scene after each and every mind-numbing dark trap release. This producer from Oklahoma has conquered the art of taking the mainstream and flipping it into weird bass pieces that express a side of himself and taps into that side of us too. Recently, TYNAN teamed up with KRISCHVN (the explosive German bass master) to deliver the wonderfully chaotic “Shy La Boof.” This track is fast and unrelenting, full of choppy, mechanical beats and twisty instrumental intros that it’s got everyone seeing what their speakers can handle. Out now by TYNAN himself, listen below.

If you haven’t heard of him before it’s time to develop a little crush on TYNAN before he takes your breath away on February 14th, 2020. Releasing under Never Say Die, Deadbeats, Bite This!, and more while dishing out bone-rattling singles and EPS, this producer is ready to take you on a weird, dark trip that’s sticky with bass. See him alongside Jauz, Audien, Habstrakt, and Carbin on Valentine’s Day for Crush AZ.

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