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Calvin Harris Announces New Project with Two New Tracks

Calvin Harris recently broke a nearly 9-month hiatus from going public with his music with two wildly fun & feel good tracks. Created by Calvin, but under what seems to be moniker of Love Regenerator, “Hypnagogic ( I Can’t Wait)” and “CP-1” are vibey high-end/low-end tunes that takes Calvin out of the club and puts him in the HOUSE. In addition to the two spanking new tracks he also threw in an edit of both songs. Thanks, C.

Rumor  has it (and by rumor I mean Harris confirmed) we are getting a full album from the grammy winner in 2020 and we can only expect this to be drizzle before the storm of sensational sounds. We don’t know about but our love for Calvin Harris just got a hefty surge of regeneration. Keep your eyes and hears out for what he does next.

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