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Whethan’s ‘Life of a Wallflower Vol. 1 Remixes’ Has Bloomed

Last year, the well-loved and upbeat producer Whethan released his highly anticipated debut EP, Life of a Wallflower Vol. 1, which blew electronic dance music fans out of the water. The EP tells the story of what it feels like to be a wallflower, alone and shy at parties with no one to dance with. The success of the EP last year proved Whethan will never be dancing alone again, because his tunes are what bring the party together. Full of high-energy but dreamy tracks, Whethan put it all on the table with Life of a Wallflower Vol. 1 and luckily, a year later, he has brought some of his fellow producers on board to officially remix his work. Featuring names like MELVV, Chet Porter, and No Mana, Life of a Wallflower Vol. 1 (Remixes) is starting the party again all over! Give the remixed EP a listen below.

New life has been breathed into Whethan’s work and we are loving it just as much as the original! We will leave some things as a surprise for your ears, but it is an absolute must to mention our favs. MELVV lights a fire under opening track “Wallflower” followed by a sunny and fresh remix of “Radar (feat. HONNE)” by SAINT WKND. Arguably, Whethan’s most loved song, “Good Nights (feat. Mascolo)” gets a fun and chill twist by TRAILS. Chet Porter sprinkles his whimsical sounds on “Superlove (feat. Oh Wonder)” making it dreamy as ever. There might even be an official remix by Whethan himself, and a remix of an older single not from the original album, on this project for you to check out—wink wink. We are looking forward to more from Whethan in the coming year!

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