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Leftwing: Kody Delivers New Tech House Hit ‘Without You’

Deriving inspiration from a variety of talented artists and working with numerous hit labels during their musical career, London-based duo Leftwing: Kody continue to climb their way into the public eye as their talent ever increases. Being versed in many styles, these two artists have been described as being as versatile as they are ambitious. With tech house being their primary genre, they have been paving the way for subtle, artistic production and creating music to dance to all night long everywhere they go. They recently released a new single, titled “Without You,” and it seems to have just the right blend of fun, consistency, and originality to keep you grooving to its unique sound. Listen to the track below!

With the iconic tech house foundation of consistent beats, the two DJs layer their own spices on top of the staple recipe, and take listeners on a journey of longing, love, and endless thought. You may find yourself lost in the soundscapes created by these two masters, and find your body unknowingly swaying to its enticing tune. A definite firecracker for tech house tracks in the new decade, this track spearheads Leftwing: Kody’s charge into 2020, and demonstrates their potential to have their best year yet!

Want to catch these two musical geniuses live? They’ll be heading to Shady Park in Tempe on February 28th! See more info and purchase tickets here! Don’t miss your chance to experience their amazing vibes for yourself.

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