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Cheat Codes want to know what “Heaven” means to you in new track with Bastille’s Dan Smith

Cheat Codes release the official music video for “Heaven”.  The feel-good anthem takes the LA trio back to their roots with this high energy, pop-tinged tune.  Showcasing Trevor’s uplifting falsetto over bouncy and catchy production, the video highlights how people reprioritize their lives and find their authentic selves in the face of unprecedented disaster (sound familiar?).  In it you’ll see queer love, friends reuniting, self expression, and some adorable dog snuggles.

Of the video, Cheat Codes relay it’s about “becoming your authentic self in the face of unprecedented disaster.  Hoping that the struggles that people are going through now will allow them to reevaluate what’s important in their life… If there’s one good thing that comes out of a situation (like the one we’re going through now), it’s that people are prioritizing what’s important to them and finding their truth.”

The multi-platinum group, comprised of Trevor Dahl, Matthew Russell and Kevin Ford, have seen a meteoric rise since they first formed in LA, garnering over 4 billion stream to date and collaborating with artists across the board, including Liam Payne, Kim Petras, Fetty Wap, Demi Lovato, Little Mix, Sofia Reyes and many more.

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