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Martin Garrix Drops ‘We Are The People’ with U2’s Bono and The Edge

Martin Garrix just released “We Are the People” with U2 legends Bono and The Edge. This track has been in the making for about three years and highly anticipated by both Garrix and U2 fans worldwide. “We Are the People” was also this year’s official song for the UEFA Euro 2020 football tournament.

The new music video released alongside the track is so entirely uplifting and inspirational. Like most of Martin Garrix’s songs, this too is the perfect “feel-good moment” track. It gives you a sense of hope and enthusiasm for a brighter future together as one. Fans on YouTube have called the track a “collaboration no one expected but definitely needed” and “nostalgia in the making,” which perfectly describes the warm feelings you get when listening to it.

Between Bono’s angelic vocals, The Edge’s surreal guitar skills, and Martin Garrix’s overall amazing producing skills, “We Are the People” is a masterpiece. Listen below.

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