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Elohim Shares Vol 1. of ‘Journey to the Center of Myself’

Let’s take a journey with singer, songwriter, and producer Elohim! She just recently released the first volume from her latest project, Journey to the Center of Myself. This new project is a collection of four different EPs and all about the wild but lovely journey of self-discovery. Listen below:

This first volume holds five introspective, personal tracks from Elohim. Starting with the title track, she really sets the tone for what this new project is all about. The lyrics are like a deep dive into Elohim’s mind. Next up is current fan favorite, “I Am the Greatest,” which is the perfect song for those existential crisis days that leave you wanting to let out a good scream. The third track, “Nice,” speaks of sincere self-love. Following “Nice” is another self gratitude track, “Strut” with Big Freedia. “Strut” is this amazing inner-power anthem that gives you so much confidence you feel like you could ready to strut the runway in New York Fashion Week. Closing out the EP, “Creatures” is yet another lyrically and rhythmically solid track from Elohim that’ll leave your heart beaming. Elohim is an inspiring artist who doesn’t hide who she is from anyone. She’s always transparent with her fans, no matter what she is struggling with.

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