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Anomalie Continues to Impress with ‘Dribble’

Montreal-based musician and producer Anomalie has once again mesmerized us with his latest track, “Dribble.” The single showcases Anomalie’s mastery of the piano, while also combining his signature jazz elements with lo-fi/hip hop sounds for a warm and inviting soundscape. Check it out below!

“Dribble” is the second single off Anomalie’s upcoming album, Galerie, following “Bond” released last month. Here’s what Anomalie had to say about his latest release:

The name comes from how the song sounds – it felt bouncy like a basketball and kind of fluid like a stream of water. Arrangement-wise there are a few synths here and the drums are still very much at the center of the track, but it’s really all about the upright piano.

As it was the case for the first single, ‘Bond,’ the track’s main theme is one I’ve had in my head for a while but it really started making sense to me once I was able to explore different variations of it on the upright which, as a recent acquisition, really influenced the direction I’m taking with the whole project!”

Make sure to mark your calendars for June 18th to see Anomalie live at Shady Park on his Galerie World Tour. Grab your tickets here!

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