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A pivotal player in the EDM landscape, the legendary NGHTMRE is back in action with a brand-new EP. Out now on Gud Vibrations, the UNSOUND EP features four fantastic tracks, including collaborations with Ray Volpe, RNSOM, Deadlyft, and more. As if that wasn’t enough, the UNSOUND EP covers an extensive range of sounds, styles, genres, and more. In other words, this EP is a massive reminder that NGHTMRE can conquer any type of music.

For starters, the first track on the UNSOUND EP blasts the listener into outer space, where they anxiously await the “Signal” from NGHTMRE and Ray Volpe. Beginning with a transmission sequence, a timeless arpeggio, a spacious soundscape, and a breakbeat groove, the intro of “Signal” is already an amazing mix of elements. As one would imagine, the drops are simply out-of-this world.

Next, NGHTMRE and Rosie Darling deliver a lovely ballad in the form of “Euphoria.” A classic combination of future bass and heartbreaking lyrics, “Euphoria” is a beautiful, emotional roller coaster from start to finish. Less dramatic but just as heartfelt, “Sweetest Thing” with RNSOM and Davis is a public declaration of love, appreciation, and bottomless optimism.

Last but not least, the final track of the UNSOUND EP, “Ring The Alarm”—with Deadlyft —is an entirely separate beast. Beginning with an ethereal ballad and gradually progressing into experimental territory, “Ring The Alarm” keeps its listeners on their toes, as they never quite know what to expect in the moments ahead. Then, when it’s finally time for the first drop, jaws hit the floor, eyes grow wide, and the pit opens up, as a dubstep banger comes crashing in out of nowhere.

With booming bass, sinister synths, and dangerous drums, “Ring The Alarm” might just be the most unsound song of the whole EP. Not done yet, NGHTMRE and Deadlyft switch things up in the second drop, channeling the melodic elements of the earlier drops in the EP – ultimately giving the listener a sense of full circle as the UNSOUND EP comes to a close.

Suffice it to say, whatever NGHTMRE creates—dubstep, future bass, or anything else—the man simply does not miss.

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