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Space Laces Amazes With ‘High Vaultage’ EP

Ian Slider—better known as Space Laces—is one of the most highly regarded names in all of bass music. From his colossal collaborations to his sensational solo work, Slider has slid his way into countless sets, playlists, and memories. Among his many accolades, one will find the iconic Vaultage mixes. These innovative showcases gave Slider a first-of-its-kind format for sharing new music without releasing singles, EPs, or albums; additionally, they’ve inspired countless homages from both big and small artists. Of course, even the best things in life have their disadvantages.

For several years, Space Laces had only released a couple of hand-picked singles from his Vaultage mixes. This left dozens of fan-favorite originals by the wayside, only available to be streamed via mixes. That is, until now. Finally, after years of anticipation, Spaces Laces has released the High Vaultage EP.

Since the very first Vaultage mix, countless fans have placed Space Laces in a league of his own. Now, more than three years later, Slider has cemented his legacy even further.  Not only has he provided his loyal listeners with stream-ready versions of some of their all-time favorite songs, the legendary bass musician has also begun the long-awaited process of releasing his Vaultage tracks. What’s more, this is still just the beginning; there are dozens of additional songs for Slider to release at his leisure. Whatever the timeline may be, one thing is certain: new Spaces Laces will always be worth the wait.

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