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Gryffin and OneRepublic Release ‘You Were Loved’

California based producer Gryffin teamed up with OneRepublic for the melodic release of “You Were Loved”. This touching single features vocals by OneRepublic’s lead singer, Ryan Tedder. The track begins with tenderhearted guitar picks coupled with emotive vocals then ascends into a harmonious blend of pure feel-good electronic melodies. Gryffin’s signature hybrid of organic and electric sounds can clearly be heard while Tedder’s lyrics tell an emotional story of losing touch with the one you loved and hoping to cross paths with them again. Gryffin’s beautiful electronic sounds accompanied with Tedder’s passionate lyrics exhibit that this collaboration is a perfect match with both artists complimenting each other’s styles. This heartfelt track will have you feeling both nostalgic and hopeful for the one you loved. “You Were Loved” is an absolute masterpiece collaboration. Check it out below!

Gryffin and OneRepublic also created a music video for the track. This video features both Ryan Tedder and Gryffin performing the single on a helipad in downtown Los Angeles. Watch it down below!


Gryffin & OneRepublic – You Were Loved [Official Video]

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