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San Holo and Jai Wolf Create Nostalgia on ‘We Will Meet Again’

Both champions of creating feel-good dance music, San Holo and Jai Wolf have joined forces to produce a dreamy, nostalgia-inducing tune, titled “We Will Meet Again.”

The soft strums of San Holo’s guitar warms up the tune as his original vocals croon about lost time; meanwhile, Jai Wolf provides a lively beat and uplifting melody. It wouldn’t be a San Holo track without an iconic guitar solo. Delivered at the end of the track, a soaring guitar solo takes you to a higher place. 

“We Will Meet Again” is a vibrant yet sentimental song that resonates with those of us who feel like we lost time due to circumstances out of our control; it’s a reminder of how precious our time spent with friends is, and to cherish the memories that will hold you over until you see them again. Check it out below:

San Holo and Jai Wolf both possess a production prowess and musical palette that mesh together beautifully. Given the similarities in their respective audio aesthetics, it’s shocking that these two have never collaborated before—but we certainly hope that these two will meet again to create another masterpiece!

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