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4B and DJ Diesel Team Up For ‘Shut Up’

It’s time to “Shut Up” and party. 4B and DJ Diesel (aka Shaquille O’Neal) have just released a collaboration larger than life! Both proving to be genre-busting and ground-shaking artists, these two have a magnetic and impulsive kind of energy that makes their music uncontrollably addictive. Their first-ever collaboration “Shut Up” is a heavy-hitting banger featuring Florida rapper Trick Daddy! Check out “Shut Up” below: 

Lately, 4B and DJ Diesel both seem to be at the forefront of any good time. Their energetic beats have each quickly become staple tracks in festival sets worldwide. “Shut Up” is no exception and is on the quick route to becoming a quintessential trap anthem. 

Of the release 4B stated, 

I linked up with Shaq, aka DJ Diesel, in Texas. I asked him why he DJs. Mind you, I used to watch this VHS “Shaq Attack – In Your Face” where he was DJing in the 90s, but I was curious to see why he’s doing it in 2022. He said the first time he played a festival, it felt like Game 7. I was inspired immediately. He really loves the bass music crowd, and I see him head banging during his sets. So I wanted to bring that bass but also Jersey vibe to the table for a collab, and I think we nailed it with ‘Shut Up.’ He’s been playing it ever since, and I’m so pumped for it to finally be out.”

DJ Diesel also said,“Working with 4B on ‘Shut Up’ was a blast. Bobby and I have done countless shows together, but we never sat down to actually make a record… It was time to change that.”

4B will be bringing the party to both Albuquerque, New Mexico and Scottsdale, Arizona this weekend! Check out 4B at Salt Yard West in Albuquerque this July 16th here and grab tickets for 4B at Maya Dayclub July 17th here

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