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Drezo and Masteria Release Sinister New Track ‘Techno’

LA-based producer Drezo joined forces with rising house artist, Masteria for their first ever collaboration, “Techno.” This track features powerful basslines and a sinister vibe that is the perfect manifestation of both artist’s signature ominous sounds. Listen below!

Drezo has been redefining the house music genre, adding a darker flair to everything he releases. He seamlessly blends deep and menacing basslines that will have you mesmerized. Masteria is also no stranger to the darker side of house music. Known for creating immersive music that escapes you from reality, his tracks have a wicked appeal with unmistakable energy.

This collaboration was released on Drezo’s newly created record label, Omen’s Records. Drezo created this record label for the budding darker electronic artists who are looking for a home but have nowhere to really fit in. His record label strives to create a family mentality, similar to how artists grew decades ago. “Techno” not only added another fresh release on Omen’s Records but also added Masteria as a part of Drezo’s darker electronic artist family. In this masterpiece collaboration, you can hear both of their unique, sinister sounds and heavy basslines resulting in the perfect low-tempo track with haunting vocals.

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Connect with Masteria: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud

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