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Tom & Collins Remix Matroda’s ‘Gimme Some Keys’

Hailing from Mexico City, house duo Tom & Collins first emerged onto the dance music scene in 2012. Formed by Juan Pable Escudero and Jorge Corral, Tom & Collins spent the first few years of their musical careers building the foundation for a thriving tech house scene in a city that previously lacked one. What began as a passion and hobby slowly evolved into a surreal, blossoming career for the Latin American duo. After years of honing their craft behind the DJ decks and in the studio, Tom & Collins’ have cultivated a unique production style heavily influenced by Latin and Afro cultures, which shines through in their records packed with intricately layered percussive elements.

For their latest release, Tom & Collins’ bring a touch of Afro-Latin house to Matroda’s hard-hitting piano groover “Gimme Some Keys.” In their remix, Tom & Collins preserve the euphoric piano progression and sultry vocal hook of “Gimme Some Keys” but extract the synth melodies and upbeat bassline, infusing an array of percussive elements into the record’s framework instead, including vibrant bongo drums and well-timed maracas. While Matroda’s dynamic “Gimme Some Keys” emanates a zestful and invigorating energy perfect for peak club hours, Tom & Collins offer a refreshing alternative that takes you beachside during golden hour.

Listen to the remix below!

Tom & Collins will be returning to Tempe to make their Darkstar debut on January 21st, 2023. Click here for tickets.

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