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JADED Transforms ‘It Girl’ Into a Club-Ready Anthem

Formed by Londoners Nari, Jordan, and Teo, house trio JADED possesses a broad sonic palette and boundless creativity informed by their diverse backgrounds. With Iranian, Jamaican, and Italian heritage between them, the tight-knit trio channels their multicultural perspective into unique, club-ready productions, bringing an avant-garde party ethos to London’s underground house scene. As producers, singer-songwriters, and multi-instrumentalists, JADED strives to create a fun, dancefloor-focused, albeit unconventional, sound.

Recently, the trio shared their galvanizing remix of Associanu, Karma Fields, and Kah-Lo’s dark, intoxicating single “It Girl.” Speeding up the track to a tempo befit for pulsing clubs, JADED has transformed “It Girl” into a club-ready weapon, filled with piano stabs, relentless kicks, and blinding drops that lead into a cascade of oscillating beats and blitzing synths. Check it out below!

Come experience JADED’s broad sonic palette during their ‘Show My Love’ tour! The trio will be making their Darkstar debut on February 17th. Click here for tickets!

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