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Amtrac Delivers Third Album ‘Extra Time’

You heard us right! Amtrac’s long-awaited third album, Extra Time, has arrived. Amtrac is the stage name of Kentucky-born, LA-based multi-instrumentalist, producer, DJ, and vocalist Caleb Cornett. His music aims to balance atmosphere and songwriting while leaning heavily into synthesizers. Never one for stagnancy, Amtrac’s continuous sonic evolution comes from an enduring love for his craft and innate restlessness that drives him to innovate.

Amtrac’s third album, Extra Time, was conceived during a period of uncertainty felt throughout the world; its creation provided solace for the artist. Honoring his love of film scores, Extra Time plays like a movie: the album is an amalgamation of atmospheric melodies, delicate textures, and retro synths that mirror the cover’s indie film aesthetic and accompanying music videos.

Extra Time showcases Amtrac’s broad sonic palette, from the shimmering synths and warm nostalgia of the opening track “Heard Me Right” to the energetic drums of “Nobody Else” and house elements of “Connection.” Meanwhile, ambient tracks offer breathing room, such as the pulsing rhythms of “Mode / Scanner” and shadowed peaks and valleys of “Little Tokyo.” While the darker undertones throughout Extra Time reflect a state of mind touched by isolation and forced introspection, its warm nostalgia creates a feeling of hope for the future.

Amtrac is embarking on his spring tour! He’ll be bringing driving, euphoric melodies to Darkstar on May 27th. Click here for tickets.

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