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Sultan + Shepard Release Stunning Single, ‘Making Time’ feat. Julia Church

Soul-stirring soundscapes are an art form for Sultan + Shepard. Though the duo’s sonic origins land outside the realm of melodic house, their evolution over the last few years is evident in their delicately crafted compositions brimming with poignant melodies and uplifting chords.

Sultan + Shepard’s latest release, “Making Time,” is the second single from their forthcoming junior album, Forever, Now. “Making Time” is a breathtaking collaboration with singer/songwriter Julia Church, whose vocals have previously been featured on Lane 8’s This Never Happened imprint. The ambient opening of “Making Time” allows singer/songwriter Julia Church’s ethereal yet woeful vocals to shine while wispy synths and a placid beat create a tranquil framework.

Listen to “Making Time” below!

“This song started with Julia and her amazing vocals. She’s an artist that we’ve really been a fan of the past few years, and are so happy to finally have connected with her. We love how her lyrics have a real longing and sadness in them and we tried to juxtapose that in the music with warm chords and melodies. We went through many different versions of this song before we found the right emotional balance between uplifting and sad. Combining these two emotions is one of the things that got us interested in electronic music and it always feels special when we find it. We’re excited to share this one with you!”

– Sultan + Shepard

Forever, Now is expected to be out on February 17th via This Never Happened. Sultan + Shepard will be hitting the road again for their album tour and will be at Sunbar on March 11th. Click here for tickets.

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