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Top 5 Ganja White Night Music Videos

If you had the pleasure of partying with us at Phoenix Lights, you know why this had to be one of our next Top 5’s! Ganja White Night, the Belgian Bass duo, brought their custom visual experience to Phoenix International Raceway, so we knew we had to highlight some of our favorite videos. Ganja White Night has an extensive YouTube catalog and has been working with artist and graphic designer Ebo, from their inception. It has been a pleasure to be able to see the progression and progress of both of these artists as they worked together to realize their vision for Mr. Wobble and his universe.

  1. “Womp Portal”
A true Subcarbon classic, this has to be one of the biggest bass releases of the year. This mashup between GWN’s Subcarbon and Subtronics’s Cyclops Records was released 24 hours early through the YouTube video. This demonstrates how much both of the artists appreciate and support their YouTube following. All 4 of these artists have put in work to make this a collaborative effort between Ebo, Subtronics, and Ganja White Night.
  1. “Badman”
Another mashup of bass superstars, Ganja White Night connected with LSDream on this massive hit. The visuals from this music video have been featured on the largest stages, such as Lost Land’s Prehistoric Evolution State during LSDream’s 2022 main stage set. 
  1. “Trinity”
Ganja White Night loves to give exclusive looks into up-and-coming projects through their YouTube channel. During the weeks and months leading up to their 2021 release of “Dark Wobble”, they posted this instant classic to help build the hype for the album. Visual storytelling almost surpasses the ingenuity in sound design. 
  1. “Dark Heart Surgery”
An all-time classic, “Dark Heart Surgery ” was one of the few true throwbacks that made it into the recent Phoenix Lights set. Accompanying this classic hit were visuals from one of GWN’s earliest hits music videos. This is a classic that all true GWN fans have seen time and time again. 
  1. “Lfo Requiem”
Although this may not be one of Ganja’s largest hits, “LFo Requiem” takes its viewers on another journey through the universe of Mr. Wobble like no other. A superhero tasked with saving the world and reinstituting music, Mr. Wobble was created by Ebo and GWN and is the titular character in the GWN universe. This is one of the more action-packed edits coming early in Ebo’s career working with GWN and is a standout for displaying the evolution of both artists. 

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