Relentless Beats

Wasted Penguinz

Genre Hardstyle

Country Sweden



Wasted Penguinz's Biography

Don’t let the name fool ya.
These two masterminds from Sweden put their heart and soul into their music, performances and everything that comes with being an Artist, DJ & Producer.
The WP project was born in 2008 but Pontuz and Jon first met late 2006. After being “rivalries” on an internet forum Pontuz decided to ask Jon if he wanted to meet up and make some music. So they did and the WP project was born. Both of them had a huge amount of experience already since they started to produce their own music at the age of 14 (Separately).
Putting up vlogs on YouTube with funny random stuff and small previews of their tracks started to get them a lot of attention in the early days. This has always been a big part of the duo and still is.
Late 2008 they signed with Dutch label imp Music/Bazz Implant and got their first release.
From then on things started to explode, in late 2009 they signed with Scantraxx Recordz, one of the major big labels for Hardstyle music. With their first release in June 2010 their brand started to grow and they influenced the scene with their fresh, new and euphoric sound.
There isn’t really a good way to describe their music in words. It’s neither Hardstyle nor Hard Dance. It’s simply the ‘Wasted Penguinz Sound’.
Real emotions and experiences transformed into music. Whether it’s the lyrics, the melodies, the atmosphere or a combination of all things, doesn’t matter.
2010 they won the ‘Best New Face” award on the Dutch radio channelFear.FM
2011 they played a lot of big festivals one of them being Defqon.1, this was also the year they left Scantraxx Recordz (which came as a big shock for a lot of people) the reason for leaving is private though they felt they wanted to go their own way and take the WP project to the next level.
2012 the year of the major breakthrough, hitting number #75 in the DJ Mag Top 100 and travelling all over the world to play their music for the people.
Infecting minds all over the world it’s inspiring to see the fast growth of these two young guys from Sweden. Not only are they best friends but they do what they love most in life for a living. You can’t complain about that.
The future looks very bright for Pontuz & Jon, one can only wait and see what’s next in store for these young guys.

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