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The Relentless Beat of the Week: SBCR & Jayceeoh – “Frankenstein”

Halloween certainly left its mark on Phoenix this weekend and the aftershocks are still being felt (kinda like that earthquake we had…). With massive shows at both Urbane Manner and Talking stick, as well as some more intimate club celebrations, this was one Halloween us Phoenicians won’t soon forget. To play off of the spooky remains of this last weekend, as well as to highlight an artist we have coming through Phoenix later this month, I present to you The Relentless Beat of the Week, a track entitled “Frankenstein”. Much like its title suggests, with both melody and some dirty wub, this track has many different pieces that are masterfully sewn together to create the ultimate monster. SBCR (The Bloody Beetroots) and Jayceeoh take on the role of Dr. Viktor and Igor (you can decide who is who) and provide us all with a track worthy of wrecking havoc on every city, town, and nightclub.

Hailing from Italy, SBCR or Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo established himself as a performer and musician in late 2006 as The Bloody Beetroots. With the Beetroots, SBCR established the electro-punk signature that stuck with them throughout the better part of 8 years. In April 2015, Sir Bob took to Facebook to announce the beginning of his new side-project, SBCR, in which he would further his evolution as an artist by taking on a new era and a new name. One of his earlier performances as SBCR came prior to the announcement when he played Dim Mak Beach Party during Miami Music Week this March. Although the Bloody Beetroots has not ended, Sir Bob wants it to be known that SBCR is his future.

Witness the evolution of the Bloody Beetroots on November 20th when Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo takes over the decks at Rawhide Western Town for Global Dance Festival AZ. Joining Sir Bob are the likes of NGHTMRE, Mija, RL Grime, Big Gigantic, and many more.

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