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Amplify Your Sunday Funday with These Killer Lolla Sets

This Sunday Funday won’t feel so Sunday-ish because its Labor Day people! We literally get a day off as a reward for enduring our 7-day-40-hour grind so let’s go a little harder and blast the music a little louder because well, we deserve it.  Whether you’re you on third bottle of champagne, on a boat at lake Pleasant, or just on the aux in your back yard, these Lollapalooza live sets serve as the perfect Labor Day pregame soundtrack. I took the liberty of narrowing it down to the top three in quality and content and they are sure to amplify the particular Sunday Funday.

The lineup for this playlist is set up to flow effortlessly with your day. Wake up, shake off the hangover, and get your day going with the system shaking sounds of Zeds Dead. Their set’s progression from vibey to vicious will aid the rally that the Sunday Funday activities demands. Fast forward to noon and you’re stabilized, your sippin…. you’re ready for some throw backs. The Young Bombs set mixes the new with the old, the Flume with the Avenged Sevenfold. It’s a high energy set mixing music across all genres, there’s a little something for everyone. Assuming you hit the repeat button a few times and nowhere near to slowing down (bc labor day) you put on the 3LAU set and the tequila comes out. You’ve got an aggressive set paying and aggressive drinks flowing. You’re off to party like its Saturday night, cheers!

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