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Morgan Page Releases First of 3 New EPs

US producer and DJ Morgan Page dropped his Born To Fly EP, the first in a trilogy of big hitting EPs this past Friday. Two-time GRAMMY-nominated Page is well known for his smooth, intuitive production and Born To Fly is no exception. “Habit,” “Lovesong” (a cover of The Cure’s 90s smash hit), and the titular “Born To Fly” see Page indulge fans in a seamless union between live instrumentation, female-led vocals, and slick electronic club elements, creating tracks that work just as easily on the dancefloor as they do for radio and online playlists. Check it out below.

“Habit” sees Page harness and sample the vocals of Nashville-based singer/songwriter Meiko, who previously worked with him on his album DC To Light. Weaving her natural topline in and out of progressive piano runs, driving, bubbling synths and vocoder cuts of Meiko’s own voice, the result is a beautifully delicate, almost aerated piece of finessed electro-pop. On both “Lovesong” and “Born To Fly” Page teams up with indie singer/songwriter Britt Daley. On “Born To Fly” Page creates a perfect platform for Daley’s voice that grows in strength and dynamism with each bridge and chorus. “Lovesong,” arguably the most traditional Page production of the three, is a tour de force of melody-focused main room, swirling crescendos and percussion compelling the energy forward – which beautifully pays homage to the original version In regards to the varying style on this EP, the producer said:

I think we’re in a really interesting time with dance music now, it’s less about chasing pop hits and more about doing authentic records that distinguish you from other artists. I love experimenting with different styles and tempos, so I’m really excited to see how people react to these different sounds. There’s so much new music on the way with 2-3 more EPs by summer. In the past, I’ve always done full albums, but these EPs allow me to explore sounds and themes, release music quickly, and get it to the fans.

If Page sticks to his word and continues to deliver EPs of this quality, fans around the world are in for an absolute treat in 2018. Come April 8th Arizona fans will get treated to the live experience of this EP. Grab your Phoenix Lights tickets here.

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