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3 TroyBoi Songs You Need to Hear Before Goldrush

TroyBoi ain’t your average Trap DJ and producer. The London based DJ is no newcomer when it comes to throwing down magnificent music. His signature style combines elements of trap, house, and bass, making him stand out from the competition. The tracks start out so melodic, then out of left field, they drop with some of the most complex and quirky rhythms in the industry today.

Here are three captivating TroyBoi songs that show you what the man himself is capable of before his upcoming performance at Goldrush 2018.

Ili ( I Like It)

“Ili (I like it)” Is one of the most popular TroyBoi songs and it’s clear why. Its retro-classical intro is confusing at first, but as soon as the beat comes in everything starts to make sense. The melodic bassline is smooth with powerful womps. After listening to this song you’ll be thinking “I like it.”

Do You?

This track is TroyBoi’s best in my opinion. It starts with a middle eastern-esque rhythm that is transformed into a psychedelic bass house masterpiece. The gradual build-up sucks you in and then hits with a hypnotizing bassline. This song is a hidden treasure of Troyboi and is cherished as such.

Sunset in Costa Rica

“Sunset in Costa Rica” is off of TroyBoi’s newest EP, V!BES and it is transcendent to say the least. The lucid tone of the track is peaceful. “Sunset in Costa Rica” manages to keep a trap beat while still creating a luminous and gentle sound. This song shows how far TroyBoi has come in his career, and fingers are crossed he plays it this September.

Prepare yourself for a set like no other when TroyBoi takes over the stage at Goldrush 2018. Grab your tickets here and get ready for a festival just as wild as the wild wild west!

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