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Watch It Wednesday: Childish Gambino – ‘Feels Like Summer’

Last Week, Childish Gambino made his way back into headlines with the release of a music video for his track “Feels Like Summer.” The animated video is a form of social commentary on living in the hood. The video progresses as Gambino walks down the torn-up streets of a bad neighborhood, cutting away to serene shots of kids on skateboards, rappers with face tattoos trying to pick up a score, and children blasting bystanders with water guns. My personal favorite part of the video is when rapper Drake gets his bike stolen. It wouldn’t be a Childish Gambino track without a little political commentary as well. In the animated video, there is a shot of a man with a “Make America Great Again” hat being hugged by Michelle Obama. The song “Feels Like Summer” has a moving and powerful message in it about feeling the pain in the world to make this planet a better place. It’s very refreshing from some of the mainstream hip-hop being released today.

The video and the track itself work together like strawberries and creme, making “Feels Like Summer” this week’s Watch it Wednesday.

Childish Gambino – Feels Like Summer

Childish Gambino has taken over the American hip-hop scene. The rapper, songwriter, director, comedian, and actor has been in the spotlight for numerous years. After getting his start in 2006 making small comedy shorts, Gambino quickly began exploring other outlets of self-expression. Now a little over a decade later, Daniel Glover has become one of the most successful and influential public figures of this generation.

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