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Float to Ekali’s New Remix

One of Vancouver’s favorites gives his large fanbase a vintage taste of his sound with his newest remix of Alina Baraz‘s “Floating” featuring Khalid. Ekali has been one to watch this past year, flexing his versatile sound by collaborating with the likes of Tynan, 1788-L, and Medasin, however, he reals it back for this remix, returning to his original sound, full of addicting vocals and wavy synths that never seem to disappoint.

This release comes fresh off a poplar opposite track with 1788-L, hitting the other side of spectrum. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, it was only 6 months ago that he dropped ‘Leaving’  featuring Yuna, directly after his Slumberjack collaboration. With the electronic music scene growing so fast, it is refreshing to have artists like this that can bend their sound and move with the changing landscape.

The talented DJ/producer does his rounds through various states and festivals in the US before making his way to Mexico, New Zealand, and Australia for Touch Bass. Make sure to keep eyes on his platforms as this guy is consistently releasing new music.

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