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Slushii Brings the Bass on ‘Self Destruct’

Perhaps the best characteristic of DJ producer Slushii is his genius way of never making two songs sound quite the same. His latest, rightfully named “Self Destruct,” does just that–or destructs your ears at least. This bulldozer of a tune cuts right through the BS and goes straight for the heavy heavy dubstep. This kind of vibe comes as a shock compared to his soothing track with Sofia Reyes “Never Let Go” but as I said, this is why we love the Slush. Check it out below.

Just ahead of his Monster Outbreak tour, Slushii put out a monstrous track that is fit for his upcoming shows. North America is about to get SLUSHED and luckily AZ gets to bask in the cold, sweet mess. Coming to the Van Burren on May 10, Slushii will be there to “Self Destruct.” Grab your tickets here.

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