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Nitti Gritti and Funtcase Releases Instant Dubstep Classic ‘To Death’

Nitti Gritti‘s diverse sound and unique take on music has left electronic music fans in awe for the past 5 years. From rap, to tropical house, to future bass, to trap, his versatility is remarkable. Nitti Gritti released “To Death” featuring Funtcase, his third single off his unreleased EP, What A Time To Be Alive, which already has given us “Takin Over” featuring Shaquile O’Neal and “Loko” featuring Ookay. The EP introduces a new style from Nitti Gritti that’s half dubstep, half freeform bass, and 100% jaw dropping. 

“To Death” featuring Funtcase is an instant classic.  The intro to “To Death” starts off subtle with a retro, sci-fi lead opening up and building up the energy into the drop. Traditional dubstep vocals complete the intro and there’s no doubt that this song will be played at festivals. When the bass drops, you’ll understand why Nitti Gritti is so well-known. The combination of slightly melodic elements alongside Funtcase’s robust growls is impressive and the two artists have effortlessly merged their styles together. Nitti Gritti and Funtcase continuously add momentum to the track with new sounds and bass hits that will leave the entire audience in awe.

Nitti Gritti’s sound has really matured in the last year and “To Death” is the perfect example of this. In these past three releases, he holds nothing back and watching his musical evolution is truly impressive.

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