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Tugan Serves Up Greatness on ‘Need It’

Russian born, LA-based artist Tugan is sharing his newest single with the world. He’s recently  dropped the incredible “Need It” as a self-release, and has worked with the talented Conan Mac on the record. Taking inspiration from a range of sources including pop, breaks and drum and bass, “Need It” is a dynamic listen that permeates the soul.

Get lost in the bassline groove and searching vocals here; we guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Turn up “Need It” below!

About the track, Tugan explains:

Need It’ is about us. Human nature is tightly connected to the materialistic world. We need some elements in our life to make it happier and fuller. It is about our bottomless needs and everything that we surround ourselves with to feel good. We need everything in this world but real happiness does not need to be refilled. It comes from seeing the beauty of this moment. Right here, right now: the kind of happiness that is already within us. It’s all we really need.”

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