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Feed The Dada

Make sure to pop your champagne and get your bananas ready because the Swedish electro powerhouse duo are back. This time around, Dada Life brings us their latest hit “Feed The Dada,” out on the group’s label So Much Dada. Dubbed by Steffen & Olle as their “biggest drop ever,” the single also comes with mesmerizing vocals by Daniel Gidlund that are going to leave you nothing short of amazed.

This massive and inspiring song has already received big support all summer by artists Tiësto, Afrojack, Hardwell, Zedd, and Alesso, to name a few. Uniting and raging crowds all over the globe, Dada Life knows exactly how to get the party started.

The group also confirmed earlier this summer that “Feed The Dada” will appear on their hotly anticipated album “The Rules of Dada.” The album is currently due to drop in October around the same time their “ugliest” North American Tour comes to an end. The tour itself begins September 18 spanning an impressive 40 shows in just six weeks.

The music video begins with packages arriving on doorsteps containing an iPod with “Feed The Dada”, an invitation to Dada Land (their up-coming tour), and an official list of the “The Rules of Dada” (see below for The Rules).

Dada Life – Feed the Dada (Official Video)

After the drop, the setting moves to a church-like feel where Stefen & Olle play hilarious pastors and sing the lyrics to the congregation. Next the duo gets actually fed bananas by the congregation (literally feeding the Dada), and finally you see the crowd losing control to the music as they burst into dance. The overall message is positive, telling you to let go of your worries and let the music take over – all while getting sprayed by champagne.

“Destroy dance music and have fun. Don’t look back in the past. Always go forward. Don’t think to much. Always follow the money. Do the Dada.” – Dada Life



Art should be loud as fuck

Cheating is winning

If you’re stuck, there’s only one solution: go harder

Arriving beautiful – Leaving ugly

Beautiful music = Boring music. At least today

If you don’t want to get wet, you don’t want to have fun

Never bring your brain to the club

Tickle-punch-tickle-combo. Happy violence!

Always kick out the epic motherfucker. Always!

Never BBQ before a gig

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