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Dillon Francis Drops ‘Bootleg Fireworks’ On Fly Eye Records

Dillon Francis’s latest release “Bootleg Fireworks (Burning up)” dropped today on Calvin Harris’ Fly Eye Records. Eight months after releasing his EP Something, Something, Awesome, LA’s Francis has worked closely with Diplo and Skrillex prior to this track’s release. Not surprising to hear that the track reflects those same artists.

Dillon Francis – Bootleg Fireworks (Burning Up)

Starting off with a Diplo-style clap intro, the tune moves into a lyrical, almost disco sounding style, like the original style of the original fly eye guy, Calvin Harris. About a minute in, the drop sounds as if Diplo and Skrillex had a baby and it was raised by Steve Aoki to create a kickball bouncing sound with random buffering noises mixed throughout.

Of course, all of this is wrapped together in Dillon Francis’s moombahton style, fusing reggaeton and house into a genetically modified club track. With this track, Dillon Francis separates himself from a product of Skrillex, Diplo and Calvin Harris and defines his own style.

Watch the Aftervideo from Dillon Francis’ performance at Monarch Theatre

Francis’s bootlegs and EPs have made their way into house sets and club basses across the nation, which I’m sure many local fans heard here during his Monarch Theatre performance here last month. No doubt that Dillon Francis will be a name to watch in the coming years of the continued EDM explosion here in the states

Listen to the new track above. Your ears can thank me later.

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