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Spinnin Records Presents “The Talent Pool”

Problem: Aspiring producers are unable to connect with label Artists and Repertoire (A&R) divisions.
Solution: “The Talent Pool” app by Spinnin Records.

Spinnin Records is one of EDM’s most visible labels at the moment and plays a big roll in discovering new talent. With artists like Sander van Doorn, Afrojack, Nicky Romero, Sidney Samson, R3hab, and Bingo Players signed to their label, it’s easy to how they’re one of dance music’s leading labels. As such, the label now receives more then 150 new demo submissions per day from producers trying to achieve their dream and get “discovered”.

Sorting through 150 submissions a day (54,000 in a year) is clearly a daunting and tedious task, so earlier this week, Spinnin announced a new crowd-sourced method of going through their demo submission process by handing it off to fans. “The Talent Pool” Facebook app allows aspiring producers to upload their Soundcloud productions and invites Facebook users to vote on them. Tracks are ranked and those with the highest rank are pulled up the chart and into the inboxes of Spinnin’s A&R team.

“We understand this does not 100% solve the problem of talent scouting new producers and music because not every new producer will have the social media following or self-marketing acumen to push the track forward,” Spinnin’s marketing manager Meindert Kennis said. “We are utilizing this tool to help streamline our talent scouting, but it is only one component of Spinnin’ A&R.”

Quietly launched on Friday, the app recieved over 300 demo submissions the past weekend with 5,000 unique social media voters. “The Talent Pool” is now live on Spinnin’ Records’ Facebook page and awaiting the next big artist to come along. It could possibly be you!

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