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Get a Taste of Valentino Khan’s New Track

Los Angeles-born DJ Valentino Khan has been producing hit tracks since he first emerged on the scene. Known for the hit songs that put him on the map, “Deep Down Low,” “Slam Dunk,” and “Pump,” Valentino Khan is a staple in the EDM community. With his energetic songs and vibrant personality (and mustache), it’s always a pleasure to see what he’ll do next, including his latest single, “Lick It.”


In the past, much of his music was released under OWSLA, “Lick It” however was released through Spinnin’ Records. Listening to “Lick It,” it does sound like Khan is trying something new, but also had elements that make it sound like a sister-track to “Pump.” Transitions between a drum-like effect are layered with vocals; the song starts off strongly and builds up throughout. The second half of the track mixes the original drop, adding in a heavier effect that is resonant of Valentino’s signature sound. As the song comes to a close, it’s evident that it’s going to be another hit for Khan. The addictive beat, and sly lyrics come together perfectly to create the ambiance that it seems Valentino was going for.

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