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Jägerland Features Laidback Luke in “My Son The DJ” Mini-Documentary

I’m not a DJ, but I like to travel. When I travel I listen to music, mostly electronic dance music, on my way to the airport, waiting to board, and on my flight. When I arrive, I am not going to the hotel to rest but hitting the streets to see what I can see before I go home. Imagine being a DJ traveling from city to city to perform, as many as 150 times a year.

In this video they catch up with Laidback Luke in his hotel room! I look at guys like Armin van Buuren and David Guetta, and while it would be great being a world-famous performer, it would be hard work traveling all the time.

My Son The DJ: Laidback Luke

Another name that comes to mind is Laidback Luke. I have seen him perform in small clubs in college towns and on the main stage at massive festivals like Electric Zoo in New York City. If you have ever wondered what it is like being a DJ, you need to check out this sick video from the Netherlands. The video basically gives you an inside look at life on the road as a DJ. I never realized how laid back Luke was.

This video gives you an inside look at being a DJ communicating with hotel wireless connections and performing night after night. It might get old living on the road, but man… what a life. The video also features several powerful dance tracks.

Oh, and thanks for the subtitles. That helps make this video even that more enjoyable. My favorite part of the video is when he talks about real life. He says, “Real life is what happens after the club… or when you’re at home.” They might be famous when we see them on stage, but they are real people when they are done performing. Laidback Luke is a great DJ, but after watching this video, I now see he is also a great person. We need more people like this in dance music.

What is YOUR favorite part of this video?

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